More than 30,000 RealTouch Sex Toy Devices Sold

Over 30,000 units of the revolutionary virtual sex toy ‘RealTouch’ have now been sold according to the makers of the product AEBN.

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — How much is cutting-edge interactive Internet sex worth? According to AEBN, it’s only $199, plus shipping and handling — the cost of their new device RealTouch, that opens the door to the future of cyber sex.

RealTouch may look like a bulky masturbator, but its functions are quite complex. The device’s technology synchronizes the “movements, warmth and wetness” you feel with action that unfolds on DVDs compatible with the product. The device is available in straight and gay formats.

Jerry Anders, AEBN’s vice president, told XBIZ that sales of the device have soared well over 30,000.

But sales “really blew up” once RealTouch Interactive was released 17 months ago, he said.

RealTouch Interactive allows users to set up a “date” with a live model, who has control of the RealTouch’s companion device, the JoyStick. When the model touches the JoyStick, its sensory interface relays the “location, tenderness and direction” of her touch directly to the recipient’s RealTouch in “lifelike resolution” up to 40 times a second.

The model, or presumably any person controlling the JoyStick, can use their hand, mouth or genitals to stimulate their partner remotely. The device even includes a time-released lube reservoir that ejects moisture strategically to simulate female arousal and orgasm.

“It’s been successful because we continue to add features and functionality,” Anders said. “It’s a game-changer in the adult marketplace. There is simply no other site that allows you to feel what the performer is doing.”

Anders added that the latest news pertaining to RealTouch is the addition of bigger-name stars to the Interactive site, who will be announced soon. The site’s current featured model is adult starlet Joslyn James.

Mainstream gaming companies have approached AEBN to discuss the possibility of integrating RealTouch into sexual virtual reality games — a genre that has been growing steadily in recent months. Anders said that partnerships may be forthcoming, but it “takes time for them to implement something of this type into their games.”

AEBN is a leading adult video-on-demand network, housing brands like NakedSword, Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios, Girl Candy Films and their newest addition, Align Broadcasting.

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RealTouch Interactive ‘True Internet Sex’ Now Officially Active

Aebn have now officially launched RealTouch Interactive ‘True Internet Sex’.  You can now have physical sex across the internet with a model of your choosing via your RealTouch sex toy!

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Users of RealTouch can now connect with a model, live over the internet, and feel her every move. The synchronization of touch, audio and video creates an immersive sensory experience previously only considered science fiction.

When connected, a model and a remote user share a traditional teleconference session with one-way video, two-way audio plus the breakthrough capability of one-way touch. Any form of bodily contact with the model’s “input device” is instantly felt by the user on his RealTouch device. Strokes, licks or any other form of touch are all transmitted across the Internet in real-time and reproduced on the receiving end to the user’s delight.

For a limited time you can buy the RealTouch for just $199.  Buy today and experience live physical sex with a beautiful model in your home tomorrow!!

realtouch offer


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How to Have RealTouch Interactive Sex

You can now have live RealTouch Interactive Sex with porn models – all you need is your RealTouch, a computer, a USB connection, and an appointment with the pornstar of your choice!  RealTouch is still in beta testing but not for much longer – this is your final chance to have free live virtual sex via your RealTouch with a real pornstar!

true internet sex

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RealTouch Begins BetaTesting Live Interactive Virtual Sex with Webcam Performers!

It’s finally here – RealTouch has announced that they are now beta testing their ‘RealTouch Live Experience’ or ‘True Internet Sex’ with live webcam performers. The webcam performers is able to have live virtual sex with you via your RealTouch device and a special input device that she can use to control the sensations you experience through your RealTouch. So, for example, she can suck you off live and you will feel that exact sensation and motion via your RealTouch.

This is the first ever live virtual sex experiences offered for men – if you own a RealTouch then you can express your wish to take part in beta testing by contacting the makers of RealTouch. If you want to experience live virtual sex but don’t have a RealTouch, then I suggest you order one now by clicking on the image below :

realtouch interactive

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RealTouch Sex Toys to be Given to Military

The dildo haptic ‘input’ device for the RealTouch is almost ready – finally making live virtual sex between two people at a distance a reality.  To celebrate the launch of RealTouch live sex, the company behind the device want to give a thousand of the virtual sex toys to the military serving in Afghanistan – enabling sexually frustrated soliders to be pleasured by their girlfriends and wives (or a webcam performer) back home in the USA.

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How Does the RealTouch Stimulate Real Sex?

The RealTouch is the first genuine virtual reality sex machine in the world – how does it work its magic and simulate real sex? There are really four main elements to how the RealTouch works :

  1. Heat : The RealTouch warms up to the temperature of a real woman’s body – her mouth, vagina, or ass
  2. Moisture : The RealTouch intelligently uses lubricant to stimulate the juices of a vagina or female saliva.
  3. Touch : Two belts apply pressure to the penis, and work in conjunction with heat and moisture to stimulate a sexual act.
  4. Synchronising with Video Sex : The physical effects of the three elements described above are synchronised in real time to match the sexual actions of a porn scene. In the coming months, RealTouch will enable the RealTouch to be synchornised with an ‘input’ dildo type device that will enable live virtual sex between two people over a webcam.
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Live Experiences with the RealTouch

It’s been around a year since AEBN stated that they were going to be bringing live experiences to users of the RealTouch.  Since that time, we haven’t heard much about this development.  The live experience will involve a dildo shaped ‘input’ device to be used by a female at the same time as the male is  using his actual RealTouch toy.  Thankfully, a little bit of news has now filtered through to us, although I wouldn’t take the following as any more than a rumour until we get official confirmation :

      - The Live Experience feature is still in development
      - There will be no professional porn models doing the cam services
      - The Phallic device will be mass produced and will be sold to EVERYONE.
      - It could go on sale in December or January

    Meanwhile, here’s webcam model Kitty Wilde on her experience of beta-testing the live experience dildo :

    The RealTouch device has been out for a little over a year and has been very successful. However, the piece that I am testing for them is still in development and it will allow me (and eventually other cam models) to create the stimulation effects with a special dildo that I’ll play with as if it’s your own cock. So that when I lick the left side of the dildo, you’re going to the sensation that I am licking the left side of your cock. It’s actually pretty amazing.

    It will be unfortunate if the rumours are true about the live experience not being available by webcam models..

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Male Enhancement with the RealTouch

The RealTouch is not only the most amazing and advanced male sex toy on the planet, it can also be used to improve your stamina and sexual performance. It isn’t just a virtual sex toy, it’s also a virtual sex trainer. The RealTouch ships with four free male enhancement videos that, when used in conjunction with the toy, will not only increase your size naturally and without the aid of pills or extenders, but will also improve your stamina in bed.

The RealTouch isn’t just a selfish, but exquisite solo sex fun for guys. It’s truly a virtual sex enhancement tool that will allow you to experience better sex with real partners. The sexual confidence you will gain by using the RealTouch will enable you to attract more women into your life. And here’s the clincher : you will soon be able to have sex with women you meet in real life, over the internet with the RealTouch! It will soon be as easy as chatting to them on Facebook…

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RealTouch Site Gets Re-Design

The makers of RealTouch have given their site a complete overhaul.  Gone are the hardcore images and the site is now completely safe for work.  Not only that, but the RealTouch is now going to be sold via other sex toy outlets, as well as from the official homepage (and affiliate sites like this one), just like Fleshlights and Tengas currently are.

But what’s most exciting is confirmation of the news that the RealTouch will shortly be working for live virtual sex across the internet via webcam, virtual avatars, and through a specially designed dildo like haptic ‘input device’.

This is tremendously exciting news and 2011 looks set to become the year of the RealTouch.  The world’s first virtual reality sex machine is about to find its place in the mainstream.

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RealTouch Users Will Soon Be Able to Enjoy Live Webcam Virtual Sex

Absolutely stunning news.  A former encoder of the RealTouch has announced that his old team have a ‘working prototype’ of an ‘input’ device that can control what you feel in the RealTouch via the internet.  What this means is that you will soon be able to have virtual sex with live webcam performers using your RealTouch!

Hey not sure if anyone knows, but a few months ago I moved on to a new job. So been out of the loop for RealTouch. Anyways I got a call to tell me I had to check out what they were working on. Boys all I can say is that it was jaw dropping. Probably from a sheer technology perspective one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Firstly it has to do with the “input” device, or the dildo for webcamming. The have a working prototype. It basically senses everything you do to it and translates it to the RealTouch device. No matter how slow or fast it does it. In fact you could have two girls with one dildo both licking each side at different speeds and it works perfectly. In a straight forward way it seems rather simple. However working with this device it was a lot to over come. If you have any questions I’ll be checking in periodically and answering them.
(from a forum post at :

You still think that this is expensive for a male sex toy?? Remember, the RealTouch is currently being sold for the discount price of $199 for a limited time only. Click to buy the RealTouch now.

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